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ADHD Screening & Assessment


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ADHD assessments are conducted via video consultation (Zoom) or face to face in my Northampton Clinic.  The recommended package includes a general 1-Hour Psychology Screening Assessment.  In some cases clients chose to eliminate this stage of the assessment process when there is good reason to suspect ADHD (e.g., if referred by a healthcare professional  or when screening has been undertaken elsewhere (for individuals aged 17+plus only).  The cost without the screening is £600. 

Please note: A 10% [£60] non-refundable booking fee is required to confirm bookings for full ADHD assessments. This cost will be deducted from the final bill. 


Comprehensive ADHD Assessment £750

  • Psychometric Scoring and Review of Relevant Documents (e.g., School Reports)

  • 1 - Hour Video Screening Appointment  *

  • 2.5 - Hour ADHD Assessment and Feedback (to include unsociable hours)

  • Detailed Assessment Report (to be received within two weeks)

  • Short Employer Letter 

  • Option of Face to Face or Zoom Video Appointment 

[ *If ADHD is not indicated at video screening clients usually do not continue to the main assessment. We will decide together whether you should pursue the rest of the assessment]. 

ADHD Medication

The majority of clients choose private diagnostic assessments to reduce lengthy waiting times.  Afterwards, most of these clients go on to access medication from mainstream NHS services.


Most NHS trusts accept good quality private reports. However, it is not guaranteed that your local area will accept your report.  It is recommended you investigate local practices via your GP or your local dedicated ADHD service. Most NHS trusts have waiting lists for medication in addition to the waiting lists for diagnostic assessments. For clients who cannot wait I work closely with a National nurse prescriber who offers private medication.

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