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ADHD Coaching

The coaching service is for adults who have been formally diagnosed with ADHD.   Coaching is not a substitute for medical management of ADHD; however, it is a complementary service which can be helpful for those who have several residual symptoms, especially relating to poor organisation and self-management.  Coaching sessions provide opportunities for psychoeducation concerning ADHD, problem-solving and goal-setting.

Whatever your goals and obstacles, life coaching can help you to achieve your potential through skills building and accountability.  Coaching is different to psychological therapy.  ADHD coaching is somewhat similar to working with a life coach or exercise personal trainer.  During sessions you will be provided with external structure and accountability whilst you are developing your skills and knowledge.  Key differences between coaching and therapy are outlined below:

1.     Often individuals with ADHD have related mental health conditions (e.g., depression or anxiety) and/or low self-esteem; particularly, when diagnosed later in life.  Coaching is concerned with increasing your performance in areas such as employment, home management, and education etc. Improvements in performance may positively influence your mood; however, coaching will not specifically address mental health issues as therapy would.  Therapy involves diagnosing and treating psychological symptoms most offen related to mental illness. 

2.     Coaching focuses more on the ‘here and now’ to support you with future goal attainment.  Coaching will touch upon the past; however, therapy will go into greater detail to help you make sense of your life experiences and how the past, present and future interlink.

3.     Coaching can offer quicker results because its more purposeful and directive.  Individuals often benefit from less frequent sessions.  Therapy tends to take longer and individuals usually require more frequent sessions at least initially, due to the depth of exploration involved and the complexity of mental health conditions.  

4.     Coaching sessions tend to be cheaper and shorter than therapy. ​


Coaching costs £70 per 40-minute session via video conferencing or phone call.  I offer a 10% discount for blue light card holders.

Performance Coaching

Whatever your goal, my coaching service can help you improve your performance and facilitate the positive change you are seeking.  Whether that be in work or your home life.  I believe that you have the answer to your problems within you, but it is not always possible to see this. Coaching sessions can help by increasing your awareness and responsibility for your actions.  

Coaching costs £70 per 40-minute session via video conferencing or phone call.  I offer a 10% discount for blue light card holders.

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